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Intelligent help and guidance on your business development
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Our team has many years experience at the coalface of business development, creating opportunities with some of the largest businesses in the world.

We want to support you to achieve your goals, with our range of services:

Ad-hoc support

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    Business development strategy workshop

    Create an effective strategy for growing your business

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    Positioning and messaging workshop

    Stand out from the competition and communicate your true value to your potential customer

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    Sales process development

    Ensure that the sales journey is friction-free for your customer and easy for your internal stakeholders

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    Lead generation workshop

    Generate your own leads on demand

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    Business development review

    Ensure that your business development strategy is delivering and that your efforts are being rewarded

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    Business development + sales troubleshooting

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help…

Regular support

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    Virtual Business Development Director

    A dedicated consultant to deliver ideas, direction, advice, support and the accountability to keep you on track

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    Ongoing business development support

    Achieve your business development goals with the support you need from our team

The ways we help

Sales audit and troubleshooting

We can look at a specific issue within your business of which you’re aware, or work with you to audit your business development or sales approach; we can look at where your strengths and weaknesses lie and where you might be missing opportunities or perhaps need to evolve your operating model or proposition to benefit from potential changes in the landscape or market.

Audience profiling

We can work out who your ideal audience might be – and how to identify, reach and engage them.

Market, competitor and client analysis

We can undertake a market assessment to understand the landscape in which you operate, we can look at any upcoming trends that may impact your business or your clients, positively or negatively. We can look at your competitors, talk to your customers, your target audience and your staff to provide insights and help define your niche in the market.

Proposition and messaging development

We can help you to develop your value propositions, positioning and messaging – and how to leverage that by developing a bespoke business development and sales strategy for your business.

We can work with you to decide the channels to leverage, how to allocate efforts on inbound versus outbound activity – and how to prepare your team and any external partners to support your efforts.

Sales enablement

We can help you to get ready to sell; we have a network of partners specialising in brand development, website creation, collateral design – and we can work with you to ensure that these elements along with your tools, systems and processes support your business development, marketing and sales efforts.

Conversion / metrics / success tracking

We can help you to develop a tried and trusted approach for conversion and help you to develop KPIs to measure success along the way.

Sales development, evolution and transformation

We can work with you to ethically and comfortably leverage referrals, recommendations and generate sales from effective account management.

Sales opportunities from new and existing accounts

We can work with you to create or improve your sales process, to create a culture that embraces service as a means to drive sales – and meaningfully engage non-sales audiences in sales. We can help you to foster a common goal and to focus on the importance of service in creating sales and aligning sales with other departments for success.

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