Cold calling: Where, when and how

Jon CunninghamTelemarketing

The debate’s an old one: is there value in cold calling – and if so, how and when should you employ it as a technique? Even as far back as 1991, when the Mk3 Fiesta XR2i seemed like a cool car, the first web site was built at the CERN labs and Apple released their PowerBook, this article, first published … Read More

Understanding and Setting Sales KPIs

Jon CunninghamSales

Let’s start with the obvious: the value of revenue generated each day, week or month is critical to all businesses – whether from rolling contracts, existing customers or new sales. However, the value of new and existing customer revenue is not the only metric to focus on – beyond this number there are a host of KPIs* that contribute to … Read More

Using Social Media for effective lead prospecting

Jon CunninghamBusiness Development

Prospecting with social media is not new, and there are literally millions of sales people doing it every day but if you’re looking to improve your prospecting and lead generation performance, here are some practical tips. In this guide you’ll learn: This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many sales people we work with get blinded by the size … Read More

What to look for in a new sales hire

Jon CunninghamSales

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation claim that hiring mistakes are costing UK businesses billions each year – but get sales recruitment right and the rewards will follow. Your requirements will depend on your environment: the type of role you are looking to fill, the sector you operate within, the level of education of your prospective customer – and the objectives … Read More