About Us

Prospeus – noun: a team that radically improves sales performance

What we believe

We believe sales works best when the focus is on the long-term, when driven by a genuine desire to help people – and when getting the sale is less important than creating a relationship and doing the right thing.

This kind of sales leads to happier prospects, happier staff and happier customers…

And doing the right thing makes good business sense too: in one study, customers that felt they selected a firm on their own initiative rather than through the firm’s influence were twice as profitable, and 80% less likely to defect after 12 months.

Our purpose

We help clients to radically improve their sales performance at pace – using skills, knowledge and experience gained from 15+ years at the coalface.

We optimise sales for our clients based on their needs and challenges; so whether we’re helping them to clarify their proposition and messaging, profile their audience, identify effective routes to market, generate high-value leads, streamline the internal or external sales journeys, or remove the barriers that might prevent the prospect from buying a product or service – we help clients make it easy to sell and easy to buy.

Who we help

We help people that want to realise the full sales potential of their product or service and are committed to taking the right steps to do so.

So whether you’ve always generated sales through referrals and are looking to establish a more ‘formal’ approach, want to fine tune your existing sales process, or want to reverse slow sales; we can help.

How we work

We work your way; we can troubleshoot a challenge of which you’re aware, solve a specific pain, or forensically analyse the whole sales journey to identify the ways we can boost your sales.

We always adopt a common-sense, jargon-free approach to each assignment – we’re down-to-earth and understand the need to work within the real-world confines of each business with which we work whilst taking steps to drive sales.

Our team

At your service is our team of experienced sales consultants, trainers, coaches and lead-generation specialists.

Jon Cunningham


  • ~20 years cold calling experience
  • ~15 years of consulting experience
  • Sales process development
  • Sales messaging and proposition development
  • Telemarketing/sales training and coaching
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Justine Coombs


  • Customer service management
  • Operations management
  • Business development
  • Process development and optimisation
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Rachel Waller


  • Sales and Marketing
  • Client account management
  • Lead generation
  • Prospect relationship management
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Jo Thomas


  • Audience profiling and identification
  • Research
  • Data cleansing and verification
  • Account management
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