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We help technical founders, CEOs + their sales teams to get more from their sales + business development efforts

  • Support for CEOs and technical founders

    Business development support and advice

    We’ll help you to build and deliver an effective business development and sales strategy based on our real-world experience at the coalface.

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  • Coaching for business development teams

    Business development coaching and training

    We create bespoke, hands-on training and coaching that helps business development, sales and telemarketing teams to be happier and more effective.

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Pains we solve

Do you see peaks and troughs in business – or have your sales stalled? Are you working with the clients that come your way – or the ones you want to work with?

Is your company a well kept secret; are you not getting your message across to the right people? Would you like to get in front of more companies that you would like to work with?

Are your salespeople struggling to reach or engage prospects, reluctant to pick up the phone to find new clients or producing opportunities that aren’t the ones you want?

Do you simply find sales, business development, lead generation or cold calling activities too stressful or unproductive?

At Prospeus, we can help you to optimise your approach to business development, lead generation and cold calling resulting in more conversations with clients who want to talk to you.

We can help you to make your business vision a reality; we provide practical guidance, support, training and coaching to make it happen for you.

Since 2005, we have worked in partnership with our clients to grow their sales pipelines, order books and profitability. The result is greater predictability and control, as well as considerably less stress and worry.

We would love to discuss the ways that we could help you; please either email us at team@prospeus.com or call us on 020 7099 9422.

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True partners

If you’re serious about success, our small experienced team is dedicated to helping you prosper; we’ll work with you in partnership to help you deliver on your goals – and we’d love to discuss the ways we could help you.

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